Your business is moving with us
The TPG International Forwarding Team includes people with years of experience in moving cargo around the world.

Because of our close rapport with the local authorities, shipping lines and other support service providers we can ensure smooth movement of your cargo.

Company goals
Personal trust is everything in services.

Our goals are attached to new global reality. We want to be recoginized as a reliable partner, easily accessible and personally dedicated to our clients.

We want to be a local specialist for global logistics. It’s time to renew the business aproach. It’s time for new relations.


TPG Logistics: Trust, Personal care, Global presence and dedication are a new commitment to new world reality and new world economic opportunities.

Our logo is a symbol of trust, dedication and never-ending improvement

Company identity

  • our new logo is a symbol which combines airplane, road and sail - transport and logistics as our core business; 
  • we put all symbols together representing constant motivation toward the sky;
  • dynamic logo style represents our dedication to constant improvements;
  • we coloured the symbol blue to express our expertise and knowledge in logistics.
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