Door 2 door

The origin of the product is not important – we will bring it to you!

Based on our hand-picked network of partners around the globe we are able to pick up your goods wherever and bring it to your doorstep. In doing so, we focus on the utilisation of common synergy potentials depending on the respective need. We benefit from the know-how and network of our partners on location.

We offer a number of different road transport options: we help organise both your local and global logistics, ranging from full truck loads (FTL), partial or less-than-truck loads (LTL) to refrigerated and container shipments. One of the added value of Koper Port is the wide range of Rail connections to countries in the heart of Europe as Austria, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic. With such transport mode we could be competitive on the price and still fast enough to make you as a final customer completely satisfied.  

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